What We Do

Leighvale Poultry's policy is to supply the broadest possible spread of pullets, to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer base. This is greatly helped by Dominant's policy of continuous improvement of coloured hybrids and work with new programmes.

For traders and retailers the key is a good range of feather colours in a range of egg colours. Although availability can change from time to time, we can normally offer 10 colours of brown egg layers, 3 colours of white egg layers and 3 colours of blue egg layers.

For egg producers, needs can be more complicated. Independent producers and those with niche markets need individual selling points, this is often achieved by mixed coloured pullets or mixed coloured eggs. We can offer many combinations of pullet or egg colour to meet the needs of all egg producers with any production system;

Mixed coloured pullets producing brown eggs, mixed coloured pullets producing white eggs, mixed coloured pullets producing blue eggs, mixed coloured pullets producing mixed coloured eggs, single colour pullets producing mixed coloured eggs, any combination is possible.

For demanding sites where factors such as climate have an adverse affect on performance, we can supply pullets that have been proven to withstand extreme climates, home grown rations and ultra extensive systems, in many countries around the world.


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